Trails Of Emotions Burning Her Heart

Lost on the trail of emotions she leans down to touch the bright yellow roses. Admiring the glow each one would send with a scent of an aroma only a lover could handle. Barely touching the tops of each one, the silkiness caresses her skin. The thoughts of his hands forming a perfect fit to her waist. Applying just the right pressure to lift her off her feet. Swimming in his soul, she reaches to hold on tight. Allowing her desires to take her into worlds only this moment could bring.

She reaches down to gather these seductive moments when a thorn of life stabbed her through her heart. The blood spills over reminding her wildest dream the reality of life all around her. She blinks to see where his glamorous form flew away to. Longing to touch the face of such beauty so deep without the worry of the pain taking over. His heart is what she was fully after. She knew each downfall would guide her to the beauty he held onto.

Wandering through each group of the dark forest she would find his tantalizing rays of eyes leading her into the world of passion waiting to be felt. Sending the warmth breeze her way to keep her creamy soft skin begging to be kissed. Only once had she known what it felt to taste his appetite. It was the once which had set her spirit on fire. An unquenchable inferno nothing could contain but one single sound from his lips.

The thunderous sounds of lust coming from within, her ties have bound her to his grasp for so long. A storm so wicked, so immortal a fighting battle inside. Here in the wide open, those words handed her the keys. It had finally come to pass the keys to her heart for the one who stole her past. The spiral of all dreams is closing her in. Her wants had taken over with his secrets she had inside. The fire continues to burn as she takes the next step toward her needs. Memorizing his every curve, watching his chest rise and fall. Knowing she was the one who could make all his storms collide.



The Heart Wants What It Wants. Pt1

It is the mix of emotion running through her veins as she sees the mesmerizing frame of aluminum leaning so gently by the window, telling her he is within the sounds of her voice. A rise of heat which melts her heart knowing at any moment his silhouette could come to surface right in front of her. Her mind would fill with such succulent ideas she had never viewed before. It had a grasp upon her soul so tight, the energy sends chills up her spine. 

The excuses to have a very purposeful encounter, as her eyes scan his image to keep in a safe little box. Tucked away for moments of daydreams, creating the highway of fantasies she can not wait to intertwine with his. It may be the perfect moment as the information she collected made way the reasoning to set the fireworks in motion. She had set her sights on him. Every day the longing to see his beautiful face, brought the love of going to a job worth the trouble. With each second that passes, her imagination made sure his lips were touching hers. His glorious strong arms holding her, where barely oxygen was allowed to travel across. The graze of his fingertips would find every square inch of her, stopping only to keep her mind flooded with wonderous of generous bliss, where no one else exists.

Every day the longing to see his beautiful face, brought the love of going to a job worth the trouble. With each second that passes, her imagination made sure his lips were touching hers. His glorious strong arms holding her, where barely oxygen was allowed to travel across. The graze of his fingertips would find every square inch of her, stopping only to keep her mind flooded with wonderous of generous bliss, where no one else exists.

Times up, the voice of reason locked ties with him. Sending hints of exquisite notes in his view causing his curiosity to build. A description was given, sounds of his voice penetrated her hearing. The longing she had wished upon had finally broken the dam and sent her senses to clouds flying higher than an eagle. He knew she was alive, he had heard the sound of confidences she dropped to linger as he slyly walked up to her in utter amazement. Could it be her tantalizing aroma of lust had reached his curiosity so much he needed to taste the waters she left for him? Her heart showed him the sounds of his future to come. It was a sound he dove into with all his masculine fears holding on for dear life. Her first fantasy has shown one of many would always be with him. 


It’s The Look

ItsTheLook.jpgWatching the strong and steady stare as her silhouette glides across the room as elegant ads a flower dancing in the wind. He sees his heart melting into each magnificent form she could truly hold as the perfect lover he has had the pleasure of being a part of. Looking at her smile, the words flow out ever so soft and sweet sounding to those whose attention she has held, yet feeling his thoughts are upon her soul whispering words no one else could ever know. 

It is seeing him step into the water as if nothing was to be feared. Seeing the man with whom her complete spirit has intertwined with. Gazing upon every muscle formed and sculpted as if for her very own soul were pulling her inside out. The secret communications spoke between the stronghold of attraction his body has always told hers. A voice giving way to all the securities and strengths she never thought her heart could hold. A voice only her heart is allowed to hear. 

As I look at you from across the room, I can hear your thoughts grasping at mine. Our eyes connected with no one else in sight. Lost in the moment, the imagination begins to unravel. I can see you walking closer towards me as my heart starts to pound so loud, I began my own concert for us. The sweetness rushes to my face as I can feel the temperature rising. This became our embrace.

Every heart reaches upon the straws of life flashing before them, trying to grasp a hold of a look so strong, so mesmerizing, so tantalizing. Creating an iron bond with the look of lace. A look from the eyes of the depths of the soul where no food can complete the fullness needed inside. An ignition set to an inferno of love whose petals of life touches all ideas to which only the two shall share. 

It’s the look true undying love of perfect soulmates can speak without a word. It’s the look of utter and completely erotic, orgasmic, earth quaking desires and dreams only the two can consume. 



He was the passion type who pushed hard
Hers, the silent keeper with such intensity
A bond created, the strongest they have ever known
Began with rough ragged edges of brokenness
A step of faith, with walls of steel
Dare to pick at each side, slow and steady
LOVE.jpgA speed bump and the compass off kilter
Hard to think, long for strength
No words to use, mind race begins
Must communicate, the ties mean too much
Transition means change which leads to fear
Look back at the familiar area, pain sets in
Oh the need to release, turn away
Deserving of a new start, a new beginning
The square is perfect as long as the circle fits
Day by day, the steel starts to melt
Glimpse of light begin to overshadow
Could it be, is it true
A changed very much overdue
The happiness seems strange, all brand new
The eyes, window to the open soul
Glimmer and dancing as the glow seems strong
His fears fading yet drive is higher than ever before
Her intensity becomes more extreme
The steel turns to clay, each wall is washing away
Each deserving of this faith, hope, and love
The dormant season has expired
The glow has begun to shine so brightly
Radiance of pure, utter delight
Love is such a small word
Yet it can fill you up or drop you to your knees
A four letter word that means the whole world
For both you and me


Two Lives

The hands to which a soft touch comes
Each fingertip, gliding across skin
Such sweetness, such tenderness
Rubbing over my back, slightly up the center
As both hands begin to run upward
Reaching the shoulders
To which the soft lips kiss lightly
Goosebumps form, back arching begging for more
One hand cradling the back of the head
The other caressing the face
Taking in each and every angle
Mouth to mouth, taking in each other
Breath but every single heated breath
It’s not just sex, it intimacy at its core
Fingers begin to trace the collar bone
Creating a rhythm in the heart
A beat only two lovers understand
Touches of fire to which no one lit
A flame so hot, so fierce
Where every touch from each hand fuels it
Looking eye to eye, seeing into each other’s soul
Knowing the heat will continue to rise
One hand begins to trace the body
The body that rises to each graceful touch
Kissing with such passion, such want
The intensity is so intoxicating, both are craving
Craving for the oneness, craving for full completion
Yet this is only the beginning of something beautiful
Something which is meant to be
It all started with one short small conversation
That lead to that first look of eye to eye
It became signed sealed and delivered
It became a new book in two broken lives
Two lives who are forming into a fabulous masterpiece