Ocean Landings of Passionate Desires

The tide begins to roll onto the sand, kissing every surface it has to offer. The fullness of the sun begins to set along the horizon, showing off her silhouette to the gazers looking for the special landing. Darkness slowly covers over each body enjoying the breath of the air. Warmth caressing the pounding of our hearts as our fingers trace over the swelling molds of our desires. Lightning dances across the sky, dangling the rays with every vibration of the thunder it holds inside. A sound which transforms the beat of yearning needing to be as one. The sweet taste of luster intertwined with the salt of the ocean, adding the flavor amongst the feast of fantasies. Yet swimming within the moment setting up every hot touch looking for the next area to set off the alarms. The flashes of light give off just enough of a view to outline the object of my fulfillment. All felt through just a mere touch. Burning into the soul every crease, dimple, perfect impression. TideRoll.jpgThe pounding inside blends from head to toe, a complete arrangement of sounds to enhance the rise inside. The mind creates a perfect setting, allowing the sense of touch to engulf the inferno longing for the connection felt from the moment as souls latch. The destination is becoming known as the water washes over as to suckle upon the nipple of a lover yet to be explored. Understanding the aligned moves keeping the rhythm at a steady pace, having been here before. Never as physical, all in dreams. As reality takes hold of the heart. Giving into the depths of intimacy. Only to catch the breath of each other through the magic of taste. Kissing the night, the salt water rushing over the steam rising. Wanting the fulfillment to last forever, each move is another lesson of a touch never taken hold in such a remarkable way. Let the sensations begin as lips trace over the dampness such emotions leave behind. A scent each breeze sends new heights have to be met. Hands gently entering the perfect spots to begin begging for more. Breathing is no longer a thought process, it is the delicate force of screams in ecstasy allowing the sounds of heaven into the soul of the lover completing the fantasy of a lifetime. Skin on skin as the waves continue to kiss over the sweat of sweet perfection where the forms are no longer two. A passion never shared before but long overdue. Every position explored and mastered to expand on a cloud of pleasure no other being could give.The thunder rides out carrying the rays along as if doves have taken flight. Two wondrous souls clashed together as one for as long as will held out. Repeating every vibrant move over and over to continue giving such strength and wants until movement is no longer an option. Collapsing with the delicious fragrance of undeniable pleasure which had been made. The sky has blanketed the shore with a thick mesmerizing blanket held together by another moment of mad, sexual lust festering inside. Never thinking it would happen has been replaced with a need to replay the song. Listening to the sound the two souls made. The craving begins again. The magic has only just begun. Souls in the night where the water meets the sand. A fantasy which will never want to end.



Author: Chelle

Welcome to the journey I am on. My life forever changing. I went from being a daughter to a mother and wife. Now I am under the name of widow. Learning to twist and turn when sinkholes begin to form. I found my passion for writing in this new life of mine. It was a long lost forgotten love I detached from many moons ago. It has become my new drug, my life line, my therapy, my soulmate. The words begin to form in different directions. I am now a blogger of all my thoughts in forms of laughter, pain, love, hurts, experiences, desires and so much more. Some even come out as poems, few are special to someone who has impacted my life. So, this mom of 6, growing nonna of 8 so far is opening up all the crevasses within. Allowing the eyes to catch glimpses of my world in bits and pieces. *I am the owner of my thoughts and words. I grant NO permission for any of my writings to be used without my consent*

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